Sunday 8 July 2007

And They're Just Figuring This Out Now?

There was an article today in the Toronto Star that really steamed me. It stated: "A new study suggests that involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan might be doomed from the outset. Does this sound familiar? "A war with no visible payoff against an opponent who poses no direct threat will come under increasing criticism as battle casualties rise and economic costs escalate .... "

No shit, Sherlock.

It would be nice if the Canadian government used some brain cells instead of just following the mistaken plans of the Bush administration. And, it would have been nice if the Canadian main stream media had of used their braincells too when Paul Martin's government first committed our troops to making war on people in Afghanistan for no good reason.

Support our troops - bring them home.

We are a nation of peacemakers and peace-keepers, not warmongers.

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