Friday 28 September 2007

Referendum Ontario Oct 10, 2007 - MMP Here We Come

More news and opinions on MMP:

Why the Status Quo is REALLY Scared of MMP - by Idealistic Pragmatist
Politicians will have to learn to focus more on policy and compromise and getting things done instead of trying to nay-say the other party. They should be doing positive things to bring about benefits to the public instead of playing games and getting nothing done. MMP would make politicians actually work.

And, a point that is raised regarding people who argue that proportional representation doesn't work:

In places that have MMP, though, the norm isn't single-party governments at all. Instead, those places tend to have multi-party majority coalition governments. This means that the party that gets the most seats chooses a coalition partner to form a government with, allowing the two parties together to add up to more than 50% of the seats. After this happens, the parties reconcile their party platforms through compromise and work together as a single government to put their ideas into practice. This isn't some crazy concept that's only used by a few countries, either--this is the way government works in nearly all of the world's parliamentary democracies."

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