Friday 19 September 2008

NDP want to put the inspectors back in the meat plants Put inspectors in every Canadian meat plant: Layton
NDP Leader Jack Layton wants meat inspectors on the floor of every meat processing plant in Canada.

Standing outside Parliament today, Layton says it's the only way to prevent another disaster like the listeriosis outbreak that's been blamed for 17 deaths.

Mr. Layton also wants imported meats made subject to the same kind of inspections Canadian meats undergo.

Mr. Layton continues to blame the outbreak on the government, saying the Conservatives want to let businesses do whatever they want without oversight.

The Harper government reduced the meat inspections. As a result, people have died. The Harper government also plans on reducing meat inspections across the country. Jack Layton and the NDP actually care about human lives and want to put the inspectors back in the plants so people don't die and get sick.

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