Thursday, 13 August 2009

Harper an embarassment to Canada - still | Opinion | Harper consistently embarrasses Canada abroad
Excerpts from the article in the Star by Haroon Siddiqui:
"Harper shows no interest in Canadians in trouble overseas unless he is embarrassed into action by the media or the courts."

"The latter had said he couldn't deny women in niqabs the right to vote because the law did not let him. The Prime Minister accused Mayrand of subverting the will of Parliament, when, in fact, Mayrand was upholding it."

"At the G-8 summit in Italy, he blasts Michael Ignatieff for saying Canada was losing clout globally. In turned out that the latter hadn't said so and Harper apologized, rightly. But he wouldn't have magnified his problem had he refrained, in the first place, from domestic mudslinging abroad."

"Grilled in Guadalajara about his decision to impose visas on visitors from Mexico, Harper blames our refugee system.

That is seen by Tories as a Liberal legacy, when, in fact, it was Brian Mulroney who set up the independent Immigration and Refugee Board and the rules governing it."

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