Monday 21 September 2009

No reason to trust the Liberals with the economy after they allowed the Conservatives to screw our economy

Accidental Deliberations: Worse than nothing
Accidental Deliberations makes a very good point here - In sum, Ignatieff's decision to leave Harper at the controls when there was actually an immediate alternative resulted in a far worse outcome than a mere zero. And it shouldn't be forgotten that the party which now claims it can do better is the party which chose not to. (read full post via the link)

A responsible and effective party will put the people of the country first, not the party. By putting the party first, Ignatieff and the Liberals let the Conservatives screw us into the ground in a time of economic urgency.


Brian said...

"By putting the party first"
"After they allowed the Conservatives to screw our economy?
Did it not occur to you that the Liberals have been staving off a Con majority these past few years after the NDP allowed the Con into power in the first place? .
You think the Liberals are putting the party before Canadians? Wow, talk about projecting.

Thor said...

Read the link first - it pretty much explains things.
The Liberals, if they put Canadians ahead of their party, would have ended up with a Liberal minority government at least in the last election.

I'm not projecting, I'm talking about the facts and history of the Liberals in the past few years. Their actions say it all.

Thor said...

That's an old Conservative party attack ad that has been around for quite some time.