Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stephen Harper - War Crimes part 2

thwap's schoolyard: Is stephen harper a Snivelling Coward?
excerpt from the above link:
But the Globe and Mail and numerous other organizations have uncovered details about how widespread torture, rape and murder are in Afghanistan at the hands of the security forces we're funding, training and arming. Torture happened, and harper and his crew knew or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, and the fact that they did nothing about it, means that they are going to go to jail.

There was one problem when senior ministers and officials of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government said they were unaware of reports that prisoners were being tortured in Afghan jails, including prisoners handed over to Afghan authorities by Canadian soldiers.

Both international and Canadian law require officials in a position of "superior responsibility" to know or try to find out what is happening if they are told or suspect that a war crime or crime against humanity is being committed or about to be committed.


Toronto mls listings said...

Oh, seriously, of course Harper and his crew know everything what's going on. I really don't believe the Prime minister doesn't have all the information. That is just a crazy thought.


che nolan said...

thank you for your post. i am looking into the evidence and hoping i can gather enough to charge stephen harper and/or other MPs and officials with war crimes and other violations of international law. according to the rule of law, everyone is equal before the law. of course we don't seriously operate that way anywhere on the planet, because if we did, virtually all leaders would be in prison. but i feel it's important to follow through on applying the rule of law in order to demonstrate the fact that it doesn't apply to those in or near power, which is to say it doesn't apply at all.