Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mike Harris Library? More appropriate to name a rifle range after him.

Is a Mike Harris library a silly idea? -
Looks good on the people who kept voting in this horrible horrible man who destroyed Ontario. But ...

But this "learning" library is going to be in the core of the Nippising University and Canadore College.  It would be a totally inappropriate name, considering the hate Harris had for education while he was premier of Ontario.

Nipissing Students (and Friends) Against the Mike Harris Library - Facebook page
Interview with creator of this page:

A Harris Library would be an insult
"This is a very cynical attempt to whitewash the political record of a
man whose legacy will forever be stained with the blood of one of our
citizens, " said Madahbee. "This would be an insult to the Anishinabek
and all First Peoples in Ontario if Mike Harris’ name is attached to
the library in any way.”

Madahbee was commenting on reports that
Nipissing University in Harris's home town of North Bay was planning to
name a new Learning Library after the former premier, a move linked to
a recent $15-million donation to the Faculty of Education by financier
Seymour Schulich.

“From a First Nation perspective, it would be
more appropriate to name a rifle range after Mike Harris than a
library,” said Madahbee. “His contribution to our collective knowledge
is anything but a positive one."

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