Monday, 19 April 2010

Why bike registration fees are wrong

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From today’s Toronto Star:

Giorgio Mammoliti boldly announced Wednesday that if
elected mayor, he would introduce a $20-$30 registration fee for bikes.
“It’s an agenda that seems to be taking over so far in this election.
It’s all about the downtown core and the downtown agenda, and the
suburbs don’t want to continue to subsidize these pet projects,” he

With all due respect, he’s got all his facts wrong.

Cyclists live and ride all across
the city, and there are major infrastructure projects happening in the
suburbs right now to help ensure that cyclists have a safe place to ride
in every part of Toronto.  In fact, the city (along with federal and
provincial funding) is spending $23 million in North York and
Scarborough to build bikeway trails – far more than is being spent
downtown.  (The downtown bikeway projects will cost an estimated
$330,000 this year.)

So his math is completely backwards.  Not only that,  but according
to the city’s own Cycling Survey (2009), utilitarian cycling is growing
faster in the suburbs than in the core. (download PDF report highlights)


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