Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"Ford claims that he listens to people but he doesn't"

Riders dismayed at bus route cuts - thestar.com
One of the main planks of Rob Ford's mayoral platform was that of service. He also promised that he would not cut service in his pursuit of penny-pinching. He said "I assure you services will not be cut. I will guarantee it."
Well, his first budget aims to cut service. 53% of Torontonians who voted know that he was lying and didn't vote for him. 47% of Torontonians who voted, fell for his obvious lies and voted for him.

One service that will be greatly felt will be reduced TTC services - mainly on a number of bus routes - service will be either totally cut after a certain time, or reduced. One area that will receive less service will be his old ward in Etobicoke.

More details at the links.

Here is a map that one blogger created showing the specific routes that will have reduced service:
Click on the small map to view the larger map.

One of the service cuts planned would be the total elimination of the 101 Downsview bus from May to September. This puts the Toronto Roller Derby League in jeopardy.







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