Wednesday 15 May 2013

BC - NDP Lose The Election, But The Liberals Lose Their Leader

Christy Clark may have led her party to a stunning upset against all predictions, but she lost her own seat to the NDP's David Eby.

Elections BC: Vancouver-Point Grey results.

My two cents on why the NDP lost: Conservative party support swung to the Liberals to stop the NDP, and the youth vote, which strongly supports the NDP, didn't show up to vote.

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ck said...

There is another obvious reason the BC Libs won...negative attack ads do work and they work like a charm! Oh yeah, those like Adrian Dix (I'm sure he's rethinking this now) and Justin Trudeau can say that the population is "tired of negative politics", but the truth of the matter is that negative attack ads are a guilty pleasure -- something we all love but would never dare to admit out loud to a single soul. Think of them as Justin Bieber or Michael Bubble or Disco or big band--folks will all say they hate 'em, find 'em annoying, etc. etc, but how do you explain their popularity and why they get so much air time?

One anecdotal example I can provide is my partner's mother, an 80-something year old wealthy woman. She loves Stevie Harper. When my partner and I tried to explain his nastiness, she just flailed and said how nasty politics has gotten...I guess she wasn't put off too much by it...she voted for Harper last election and continues to lecture us about how dreamy he is.