Friday, 14 May 2010

B'Nai Brith debunked

The Z-Files: Even Jonathan Kay from National Post Thinks So...
I would probably never agree with Jonathan Kay or anyone who writes for the National Post on anything but this. B'Nai Brith, I believe, has been debunked so many times. This is the same organization, remember, that praises Pastor John Hagee, the pastor who formed Christian United For Israel and believes that Adolph Hitler was sent from God to help Jews find the promised land and has been quoted as saying that Jews "have everything but spiritual life" and that anti-Semitism was the result of the Jews' "rebellion [against God]." So, B'Nai Brith seems to be calling 'Anti-Semitism' left and right (mostly Left) on anyone and everyone who criticizes Israel's human rights violations, but is content to praise a man who has actually said blatantly anti-Semitic things. Strange.

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