Wednesday, 26 May 2010

G8/20 Toronto Community Mobilization

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May 21, 2010 


This statement is being released by the Toronto Community Mobilization
Network after being incorrectly quoted and incorrectly represented in
the mainstream media. 


Please forward to alternative media sites, social justice listservs, on
blogs and other social media. 


The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is *not* an umbrella group.
The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is *not *organizing any


So what does the Toronto Community Mobilization Network do? The Toronto
Community Mobilization Network works to support education, outreach,
infrastructure such as food and housing, coordinate legal and medic
teams, and community based mobilizations leading up to and during the
G20 Summit in Toronto. We do so within the framework of solidarity and
respect ( 


A calendar of events from June 21-27, 2010 is hosted on our website so
that people struggling for social justice are able to attend events that
fit their political viewpoint and their expectations of effectiveness
and safety. The Toronto Community Mobilization Network does not speak
for these individual actions. 


The Toronto Community Mobilization Network organizes for justice and
dignity through supporting community groups and concerned residents to
share their outrage and their hope in the months leading up to and
during the G8/G20 Summits in June 2010. 


"The G8/G20 causes immense violence on Indigenous people, poor people,
on women and on people of color around the world. The G20 and its banks
are responsible for the global financial meltdown and the resulting
austerity measures that have deprived many communities of choices", says
Syed Hussan of the Toronto Community Mobilization  Network. 


"Canada hosts the Tar Sands, exists on stolen native land, has enforced
exclusionary immigration policy, cut social support for women and poor
communities, is inaccessible to disAbled people and has been named as
one of the worst global environmental culprits time and again", he adds.


"Communities in Canada and around the world oppose Canada and the G20
policies and in their place are implementing their own people based
solutions to resolve the ongoing economic and social crises in our
lives", says Sharmeen Khan of the Network.


Khan adds, "Forms of resistance and solutions are diverse because the
majority of communities impacted by the G20 are not homogenous.  But our
diverse communities are our strength and we respect and learn from
these different alternative perspectives."

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