Thursday, 4 August 2011

How to stop Ford Nation

How do we stop the cuts to core services and the wasteful spending by Rob Ford and his supporters on city council?
Talk to the councillors.

Now, we know that there are basically 3 groups of councillors politically:

1 - Right Wing - Ford Nation - these councillors will vote with Ford on most issues, no matter how bad an idea it is. So, there is little point in trying to convince them to vote otherwise (although if enough people in their wards begin to pressure them you never know).
18 Councillors and the mayor.

2 - Left Wing - These councillors will fight Ford Nation on most things, unless the Ford-supporting councillors come up with something sensible. No need to convince these councillors as they are already fighting Ford Nation.
15 councillors.

3 - The Mushy Middle - This leaves the mushy middle - the councillors who are mainly voting for Ford Nation, but might be convinced that what the mayor wants to do is a bad idea. If the constituents of these councillors put pressure on them, they may come around and stop the madness. Contact them and tell them what kind of Toronto you want and give them suggestions for helping fix the budget (like bringing back the Land Transfer tax and the Vehicle Registration tax, and applying a small property tax increase, and to stop actually wasting money.
11 councillors.
Here is a list of these councillors (contact information at the end of this post).

Ward 10, York Centre, James Pasternak
Ward 15, Eglinton Lawrence: Josh Colle
Ward 18, Davenport: Ana Bail√£o
Ward 22, St. Paul's: Josh Matlow
Ward 25, Don Valley West: Jaye Robinson
Ward 32, Beaches-East York: Mary-Margaret McMahon
Ward 35, Scarborough SW: Michelle Berardinetti
Ward 41, Scarborough-Rouge River: Chin Lee
Ward 42, Scarborough-Rouge River: Raymond Cho
Ward 43, Scarborough East: Paul Ainslie
Ward 44, Scarborough East: Ron Moeser

Pasternak has recently said he won't support library cuts, but it wont' hurt to keep up the pressure.

Some of the right wing of council are coming around to being against library cuts (Stintz, Nunziata, Thompson). See here and here.

Currently, those opposed to library cuts total 19. We need at least 4 more councillors to see the light in order to stop the library cuts.

Although it is starting to look promising regarding the fight to keep the libraries open and public, there are many other proposed cuts to vital services that are in jeopardy.

Contact information for the mayor and all the councillors:
If you are unsure of who your city councillor is, you can find out here

If you are a constituent of one of the Mushy Middle councillors, let them know that you will be voting them out of office if they continue to support the bad ideas of Ford Nation.


thwap said...

Getting them to collectively pressure McGuinty and harper into giving Toronto the money it needs would also be a good idea.

thwap said...

Add to that, ... your post immediately preceding this one says much the same thing.