Wednesday, 31 August 2011

NDP now tied with Conservatives federally

Public grief over Layton puts NDP even with Tories in poll - The Globe and Mail
The Conservative support has dropped since the election and the NDP keeps on rising. The 2 parties are now tied with 33% support each. Liberals are in 3rd place with 21%.
Pollster Allan Gregg attributes the rise in the NDP support to the effect of Jack Layton's passing. But the NDP was slowly rising already before their leader passed away. And this doesn't explain the big drop (7%) in Conservative support (or does it?).

I've read about many people who didn't vote last time say that they will vote NDP next time. So, maybe we are looking at added decided voters supporting the NDP.

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Kirbycairo said...

I always said that it was his position as a minority leader that always insulated Harper from real critical attitudes of people. WHile he was in a minority it was easy for him to portray himself as just a guy trying to get things done but the system standing in his way. This relationship created kind of natural sympathy in many people. But I also predicted that if he was even in a majority position, his attitude would automatically make people think of him as arrogant and manipulative. Because while he is in a minority there is always this sense in people that they can get rid of him any time but when he is in a majority people automatically feel that they are stuck and that he will just do anything he wants. I predict that Harper will never again be in majority territory and that by the time the next election rolls around he will be less popular than Mulroney was when he left office.