Friday, 24 February 2012

Respect for the Taxpayer from Rob Ford - NOT!

Rob Ford got his lackeys on the TTC council to fire Gary Webster, the Chief General Manager the other day for doing his job well. They fired him without just cause. As a result, the City (that's you, taxpayers), will be on the hook for $560,000.00 for Gary's severance package. They could have let him stay for one more year until his retirement and it would have cost far less.

Now, we have no one at the helm of the TTC during a time when we need a very experienced and competent person there.

Rob Ford's Gravy Train amount = $560,000.00


Skinny Dipper said...

We'll be able to hear the Ford brothers host their own program on CFRB radio in Toronto. We'll be able to hear about those flying turkeys.

rww said...

Former Ottawa Transit (OC Transpo) head Alain Mercier is available. He was former Ottawa mayor and Rob Ford WannaBe Larry O'Brien's right hand man in orchestrating a crippling transit strike in an attempt to break the union.