Sunday 27 May 2007

Absinthe - how to drink it

By request, here is my favourite way to drink absinthe.

The absinthe I get in Canada is Hill's Absinthe.

To drink it, you either need a special "absinthe spoon" or, you can use a fork.
Get a small drink glass. Place the absinthe spoon over it. Put a sugar cube of demarara sugar on it. Pour a shot of absinthe over it into the glass. Wait a few seconds for the fumes to dissipate (or you will light everything on fire). Then, light the sugar cube on fire. Let it burn for a bit until it starts getting bubbly on the surface. Then pour a shot of warm water over it into the glass, putting out the fire. Dump the remnants of the cube into the glass and stir it into the drink. Gulp it down or sip it, whatever your preference.

If you really want a good wormwood buzz, have at least 5 of these.

Pleasant dreams!

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