Wednesday 9 May 2007

Another Reason To Stop Supporting the War In Afghanistan

The Afghani government wants us to stop. Let's stop killing Afghani civilians and start helping them (like we used to do when Canadians were peacekeepers).


Julian Benson said...

Well one of main problems with the mission is our support for the current Afghan government. According to the NGO Human Rights Watch the parliament is 60% made of people directly linked to warlordism, the heroin trade and human rights abuses.

Peacekeeping in support of this government is just as bad as fighting in support of it. Self-determination without ANY foreign intervention is the only way Afghans will find freedom, in my opinion.

Thor said...

Or, if other countries are going to get involved, we could at least stop helping them kill and oppress people and start offering help to improve peoples rights and way of life.