Wednesday 16 May 2007

News Roundup

I've been busy lately, but I wanted to bring a few important news items to your attention:

Undermining Canada, Undermining the World
A post regarding the behind the scenes work going on that will shift decisions from the people and their government, to the corporations, making the people and the government answerable to the corporations (instead of the other way around).

An Open Question for Heather Stilwell
From Scott's Diatribes:
She’s the school trustee in Surrey, BC trying to either get Al Gore’s documentary on global warming and climate change banned from being viewed in Surrey public schools, or at least to also offer an “alternative theory” to global warming showed; which for the dwindling few members of the Flat-Earth Society would be the documentary “The Global Warming Swindle”. We also find out that she’s a co-founder of the Christian Heritage Party - which according to its own website, wants to govern Canada according to biblical teachings.

NDP Leadership
from Devon Johnston
With the amendments in place, the Conservatives decided to stonewall the legislation by not allowing it to come to a discussion and vote in the House of Commons. So, Jack Layton invited the other opposition parties to demonstrate environmental leadership by using their opposition days to bring the bill in front of the House for a vote. The Liberals declined.

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