Saturday, 15 November 2008

Canadian Media Bias - definitely leaning Right.

Far and Wide: The Conservative-Centric Media
A further point for my NDP friends, how is that Layton runs a flawless campaign, and yet the coverage wanes to almost meaningless mention?

As I've mentioned before in other posts (relative posts here, here and here), the mainstream media sways a lot of people in each election and between elections. Imagine what would happen if the media gave each party equal and fair reporting? I bet we would begin to see results at the polls that would start to show how people would vote if we had proportional representation.

Unfortunately, it seems that our progress toward true democratic proportional representation will depend significantly on the say so of the mainstream media. And they like the status quo.

Something's gotta give. Most older people still read actual papers. A lot of young people get their news on-line. But more older people vote and less young people vote. So, progress is very slow.

We need a revolution in the press.

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Alison said...

Yes. Absolutely.
But how is this to come about?
Robber barons like Asper and Black will always support their counterparts in politics. In time they and their product and the voters that follow them will pass, by which time we better still have net neutrality or it will start up all over again in the new medium.