Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sue the MSM?

FRESH MEAT: The government we deserve?

Maybe we should begin a class-action suit against the major news media companies for misleading the public.


Beijing York said...

Not a bad idea. Something needs to be done before we face the same fate the US has dealt with these past 8 years.

susansmith said...

Also posted this at your link page:
Behind the media consortiums are the shareholders and board of directors made up of corporate Canada execs. In turn they keep these paper afloat through ad buying. Gone are the days of papers actually paying for themselves through subscription buyers.
No surprise that the 5th estate kept the deficit hidden from view until after the election dust settled, as the "rich few" behind the faux news wanted to ensure that they got 3/4 votes.
Essentially the corporate rich who don't have an entity do get to vote.

That said, I cannot just say that without looking at, and in particular, votefortheenvironment "strategic voting site" that was also playing at "distortion politics" for liberal partisan gain. Once again the "powerful few" were hiding behind the noble cause of the environment to also manipulate voting preference. Essentially it was the "same game" but smaller pond playing here, but all in all, it was used to manipulate also a preferred outcome.