Friday, 17 October 2008

MainStreamMedia list of endorsements - mainly Tory.

Fagstein » Tories win again in newspaper endorsements

Most newspapers in the Canwest, Sun and Gesca chains backed the Tories,
as did the Globe and Mail. The two main dissenters were the Toronto
Star, which continued to support the Liberals, and Le Devoir, which
steadfastly stood behind the Bloc Québécois.

Clearly, the MSM does not proportionally represent the views of the people of Canada. But, the MSM views are not just in their endorsement articles, but in the perspective and the way they write stories every day about the different political parties, leaders and members. If they don't like a party, they talk about them in a negative way - sometimes subtly with their choice of words. And, this is what affects many of the readers. How else do you explain why so many people voted Conservative, when, if you ask them to weigh in on the issues, will find that they do NOT support the Conservative stance on the issues.

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ricky said...

the large private sector media does not reflect Canadians views. Its clear and has been for a long time.

What is clear is that their endorsements reflect their ownership. It had little effect in the election. 60+ percent of Canadians voted against the endorsements made by newspapers.

I suspect that the internet is diluting the MSM's influence.