Thursday, 29 January 2009

If only the leaders of other countries had the guts that the Turkish leader has to call a lie when he sees one | World | Turkish-Israeli clash stuns Davos economic forum

DAVOS, Switzerland–Turkey's prime minister stalked off the stage at the
World Economic Forum red-faced Thursday after reproaching Israel's
president over the Gaza offensive by saying ``You kill people."

Ergodan brushed past reporters outside the hall. His wife appeared
upset. "All Peres said was a lie. It was unacceptable," she said, eyes

Shimon Peres stood up at the World Economic Forum and lied about the
situation in Gaza, and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Yayyip Erdogan
called him on it.


Anonymous said...

Hero's welcome and all back in Turkey! Good for him! And Peres has apologized to him. Perhaps he should apologize to the people of Gaza now. Whether they will accept the apology or not is another matter.

Thor said...

Here is a video of part of this incident: