Friday, 30 January 2009

Majority of Canadians still see through Harper. Budget fails to impress. Budget fails to quell criticisms of Prime Minister, poll suggests

Although this poll shows that a majority of Canadians support the budget, Harper and his Conservatives are on shakier ground.
Some points to note: 
... voters are now less likely to support the government because of the budget.
... 69 per cent say they still blame Mr. Harper for causing an unnecessary
political crisis late last year when he should have been focusing on
the economy.
...When asked to name the top three beneficiaries of the budget, large
corporations showed up most often. Poor Canadians and older/retired
Canadians were seen as those benefiting the least.

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Socially Active said...

The Liberals were GIVEN the chance to form the government with the support of the NDP and the Bloc, because it is clear to everyone, "who has taken time to look" that the Conservatives are not good economic planers.

Well those sly/stupid Liberals did a fast one.

What are Canadian's to do now, nothing? I don't live in Quebec, but I wish the Bloc were running in BC and Ontario. My family and I would vote for them. I know they are separatist, but at this point I want to separate to.