Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Oh, poor Israel | Columnist | Israel must fight its battles alone

Oh, they are not allowed to join in fights and kill other people in other countries. Oh, they are limited to only genocide against Palestinians.
Oh, no one understands them - that they have to bomb the crap out of innocent trapped civilians they have had under siege for decades.

Oh, they have to over-react against people who have very little in ways to fight back and who do little relative harm to Israelis.

Maybe, just maybe, if Israeli stopped besieging the Palestinians and allowed them to be a free nation, and stopped the illegal settlements stealing the Palestinian land, THEN the Palestinians would stop throwing rocks at them and stop firing inneffectual homemade bombs at them and the world would show Israel some respect.

Oh Rosie, you are sooooo out to lunch with your analysis.


Scott Tribe said...

I`m wondering if you using the term "genocide" to describe Israel's actions in Gaza - whether one disagrees with what they`re doing or not - isn`t a tad over the top, considering the definition for genocide is "the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group".

Whatever the criticisms of Israel, and I have some of this action they're taking, there's no way their action is intended to exterminate the entire Palestinian race.

You might want toreconsider the use of that terminology and use something else.

Shawn M. said...

Every time Israel has attempted to pull out of the Strip (or take other measures of 'good faith'), they've been attacked for it and Israelis have died.

Secondly, to reply to Scott Tribe's post: Israel isn't the nation committed to the destruction of an entire group of people. That agenda is reserved for a great many Palestinians, including their elected leaders in Hamas.

Bear in mind that I object strongly to Israeli's actions as well; it just bothers me that every second post I read at is so one-sided and hateful of Israel and unsympathetic to the plight of the Israeli people. Similarly, it bothers me that people offer glib criticism in the full knowledge that they could not provide anything even approximating a solution.

Beijing York said...

The definition for genocide is the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group".

It seems to me that Israel has acknowledged that their intent is to destroy Hamas (and Hezbollah in Lebanon). If those groups have democratically elected government leaders, aren't they considered political groups?

Frankly, it doesn't matter who the Palestinians elect. Unless it's a puppet government that will relent and give up on Palestinian demands, their citizens will be screwed. People can waste their time arguing whether it's a genocide or apartheid or a violation of any and all human rights laws known, but the bottom line is that Israel is being given a few pass by the US (and now Canada) for every cruel and unconscionable action they take.

Thor said...

Israel's goal IS to get rid of the Palestinians - either by killing them or driving them off their land - so they can take over that land for themselves. Everything they have done in the past few decades has shown that they actually only want peace if it means there are no more Palestinians and that Israel takes over the remaining Palestinian land for themselves.

So, yes, this is a systematic and planned extermination of an entire nation - it is genocide.

If Israel was not intent on this, and stopped besieging Palestine, and withdrew its troops from Palestine and honestly negotiated a peaceful settlement of land and refugee rights, etc. (in other words, acted in mature and responsible fashion for a larger-powered-nation), THEN people would have respect and sympathy for Israel. And Palestinians, once they were free again and had their own land back and were no longer cordoned off and were recognized by Israel as a nation, THEN they would stop fighting back against the invader (Israel).