Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Conservatives and the Long Gun Registry

The RCMP released a report a report on the long gun registry back in May 2010, which is said to show it in a very positive light. The Conservative government has delayed the release of this since May, claiming that it is being translated into French. It is the belief of a number of people that the Conservatives are stalling and don't want this released before the House of Commons vote on the bill to scrap the registry.
Layton demands Conservatives stop stalling and release firearms report | NDP

Conservatives sitting on gun registry report

Also of note was the removal of RCMP Chief Superintendent Marty Cheliak, who was the director-general of the RCMP's Canadian Firearms Program. Cheliak was a staunch supporter of the gun registry. He was about to speak at the 2010 conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Conservatives claim he as removed because he was not bilingual enough for his job.
Removal of firearms watchdog has critics screaming 'censorship'.

Harper's Conservatives = Soft On Crime

On Monday, Aug. 23, 2010, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police voted unanimously in support of the federal long-gun registry.
Police chiefs plan last-ditch campaign to save long-gun registry

I believe that the long-gun registry serves a very useful purpose aiding police in fighting crime involving guns. For those who oppose the registry, their main sticking point is the registration process and cost to gun owners. Since the registry is so very useful, lets improve the registration process instead of scrapping the registry altogether. The Conservatives, and some Liberal and NDP backbenchers currently intend to vote to scrap the registry. Opposition party members opposed to the registry mainly hold their stance due to pressure from their constituents. But, if the RCMP report is released before the vote, then some of these opposition members and their constituents might be swayed to support the registry instead (thus defeating the bill to scrap the registry). You would think that with the Conservatives seeming so big on a law and order agenda, that they would support the long-gun registry. But, since rural long-gun owners constitute a core of their supporters, they are determined to kill the registry.

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