Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Liberal Party, struggling for any gain in the polls, urge their bloggers to attack the NDP

Buckdog: Reasons Why The Liberal Party Of Canada Has Instructed Its Bloggers To Go Hard Against Layton - Liberal Lemmings 2.0
Idiotically, the boo-bah's who run Liberal Inc.
have decided that it is wise at this time to make another foray into
New Democrat territory. Hence we see a fairly convoluted attempt to pin
the possible demise of the gun registry onto Jack Layton.

strategists desperately hope to accomplish two goals with this. First
is to leave the impression that Iggy is a strong leader, ready willing
and able to whip his 8 MP's who previously voted to kill the Registry.
Because it has never been the policy of the NDP to whip their Caucus on
private member's bills, the Libs are trying to leave the impression that
Layton is not as strong a leader as Iggy. So, with Layton consistently
getting favourable ratings in the polls, the Lib brain trust feels that
they must do something to pull him down and boost the Igster up.

second goal of the current Liberal strategy is to try and win back some
of the urban support that has leaked away to Layton since 2006. Rather
than attack Harper (whom they fear), Liberals have decided to try and
pound on the NDP. It is humorous to watch and will bear few, if any
electoral results.

In fact, Liberal anxiety to climb back into
the government benches may even see Iggy force an election this fall.
Any move to do so will be as disastrous as last fall's attempt.

The Liberal Party of Canada may be preparing to launch 'Liberal Lemmings version 2.0 in the not too distant future! Stay tuned!

Mere minutes after publishing this post, the Globe & Mail put out a news item where Iggy announces that he wants a Federal Election this fall!!! .... told 'ya!!

In the interview today with the Globe & Mail, Ignatieff said "We are willing to make parliament work." If this was true, then they would support improving the gun registry now, instead of wanting to wait until they win an election (which is unlikely).

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