Monday, 30 August 2010

Jack Layton and the NDP to introduce legislation to improve the gun registry

Gun Registry: Building Bridges | NDP
The NDP have stated today, that they will vote against bill C-391 if it stands un-improved. (Bill C-391 is a Conservative private members bill to "repeal the portion of the requirement requiring the registration of
non-restricted firearms, but would have continued the registration
requirement for licensed gun owners"
And, the NDP will introduce legislation to improve the gun registry to make it less of a hassle for rural gun owners, and to make it a better tool against crime in urban areas.
Read the top link for the full statement from Jack Layton.


tdwebste said...

This concept shows on this issue the NDP has recognized the fundamental difference between rural and (sub)urban gun usage.

I am very interested in the details of the NDP proposal.

Green Party candidate for the mixed rural riding of Richmond Delta.

C4SR said...

Except they aren't voting for save the long gun registry.

Layton want Stephen Harper to help strip his MPs of their vote on the private member's bill.

The NDP can't implement their plan without Harper's help.

Harper can't repeal the long gun registry without the NDP's help.

If Layton won't whip caucus, Harper wins, the long gun registry is repealed - urban and rural NDP MPs become more electorally vulberable - and the rest of Layton's plan is nothing but luke warm air.

Thor said...

CfSR - read the NDP link. It looks like you didn't.
Layton and the NDP want to improve the gun registry, not repeal it.
The NDP want to improve the registry now. The Liberals, who seem to support the improvements that the NDP are proposing, won't support the improvements. They seem to only want to make improvements to the registry after an election and only if they form the government.
The Liberals are doing their worst to paint the NDP as supporting the Conservatives on repealing the gun registry. A little hypocritical, don't you think, considering the years of votes they have supported the Conservatives on by either directly voting for or abstaining from voting on so many bills that they didn't agree with?