Thursday, 10 May 2012

NDP Lead Over The Conservatives Growing

The last 3 federal polls show the NDP consistently in the lead, ahead of the Conservatives (1 Forum and 2 Harris-Decima polls). The latest Harris-Decima poll has the NDP lead increasing. 

In Ontario, where the NDP will have to have major growth in order to form the next government, we see the NDP holding above 30%, while the Conservative support continues to erode - much of it going over to Liberal and Green.

The Conservatives maintain a strong lead in Alberta, but in the Prairies, the NDP are gaining on them and are now in a close 2nd.

Poll standings:
NDP 34%
Con 30%
Lib 20%
Green 8%
Bloc 7%

NDP 31%
Con 32%
Lib 28%
Green 7%

NDP 38%
Con 12%
Lib 14%
Green 7%
Bloc 27%

NDP 39%
Con 32%
Lib 14%
Green 13%

NDP 17%
Con 55%
Lib 14%
Green 12%

NDP 39%
Con 43%
Lib 11%
Green 6%

NDP 44%
Con 23%
Lib 30%
Green 3%

This poll had a sample size of 2018, which has a margin of error of 2.2%, 19 times out of 20.

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