Monday 2 April 2007

I Guess She Was Having A Sh*tty Day

Here I was, all set to read the details of this bizarre and disgusting crime. But, when I read the article, the news was not to be found - the details. No details about the crime were there. I'm not talking about the feces, but , how would the principal have got into a situation where she just happened to have some dog sh*t in her hand (I'm assuming that is what it was. I can't imagine she went to the washroom and ....). Maybe she was out in the schoolyard and the kids and the feces just happened to both be in the same place when the incident occurred. Or, maybe, she went out and collected some, then later, called the kids to her office and whipped it at them. Either way, I would think that some psychiatric evaluation would be called for in this situation before letting her continue to be a principal.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I know this woman.

Too weird.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about that - like, where did the poo come from? Was she saving it up in a serv'n'saver? Did she do it 'au Primate', i.e. pinched a bit and stuck her hand down to retrieve it from the vale between the cheeks of her ass? Did she terrify the kid into shitting him/herself and .. no, that's too disturbing, and she wouldn't be far enough away to throw it either. It's all just so wrong!