Friday 13 April 2007

What I'm Currently Listening To

I recently got a few new batches of CDs in and I've been listening through them. Here they are:
  • VNV Nation - Judgement - new. See review in other post. Genre: EBM. 7/10
  • Angelspit - Krankhaus - new. Genre: Industrial Punk Fetish. This band rocks! They are from Australia. I've been into their tunes since their ep Nurse Grenade. This is their first album. I would LOVE to see them play a double-bill with Hanzel und Gretyl. Anyway, I got the version of the album that included the Surgically Atoned Limited Edition Remix Disc. I like it a bit better than the album. 2 of the songs I really like on it are 100% (110% F*cked Mix) remixed by Combichrist, and Make You Sin remixed by Diverje. And the artwork and costumes on the cover and inside are almost worth the price of the album. 8/10
  • And One - Bodypop - somewhat new. Genre: EBM. Another very good album from And One. The 2 songs on here that you will definitely hear (at the right clubs) are Military Fashion Show and Body Company - With these songs, And One continue on with their tradition of stylish and sexy futurepop dance numbers. Overall: 7/10, but, I'll give it an 8/10 just for those 2 songs.
  • Skinny Puppy - Mythmaker - new. Genre: Industrial. A bit softer than their previous material. I haven't listened to it enough to really say much about it or rate it yet. Interesting, but nothing has really jumped out at me from it.
  • Hawkwind - Live Chronicles - old. Genre: space rock. The original vinyl version of this came out in 1986. In 1985 they released The Chronicle Of The Black Sword - basically songs based on stories of Elric by Michael Moorcock - sword and sorcery stuff (for those not initiated in Moorcock's Eternal Champion cycle of novels). The band toured with Moorcock and some mimes and dancers and put on a very elaborate stage show, with visuals and the performers all inspired by the Moorcock Elric stories. The resulting live album Live Chronicles was, IMHO, one of the best live recordings of the band ever. I have the vinyl, but I've wanted to get the CD version for ages. It has been out of print now for a long time (as the CD came out in 1994), but you can still get it, used, on-line via Amazon for about $100 - $200. Well worth it though if you are rabid Hawkwind fan as I am. It's a 2 CD set with extra songs added that are not on the original vinyl release. 8/10
  • Tactical Sekt - Syncope - not new. Genre: EBM/Industrial. This came out earlier last year. It rocks so much I am still listening to it fairly regularly. Very up-beat, very danceable, very cyber-goth! The album is packed with great songs. The songs are also full of interesting samples from movies and (possibly) tv shows and other things. If you can get one, get the limited edition that includes a remix CD as well. With that you get 2x the aural fun. 9/10
  • Headscan - Pattern Recognition - not new. Genre: EBM/Electronic... And this album came out over a year ago, and I'm still listening to it regularly. It MOOOOOVES. Electronic throbbing and pulsing goodness. VERY danceable. I saw them perform this music live a few months ago at the Reverb in Toronto, opening for Assemblage 23, and I liked the Headscan performance much better. Assemblage was good, but Headscan smoked. They are playing live again at Darkrave on May 5th in Toronto at the Funhaus. Again, here is another album that is packed from start to finish with great songs. It doesn't stop, and you don't want it to. Headscan is from Montreal. 9/10
  • Wumpscut - Goth Census - new. Genre: Industrial. Up to their usual dark sounds, this EP includes 2 remixes (among other tunes) of a humorous song You Are A Goth. My fave is the Yendri Club Remix version ('cause of the added trippy sh*t). The original songs are from their new album (which I haven't heard yet) Body Census. Besides the fave song, I haven't listened to this enough to rate it.
  • Steril - Realism - not so new. Genre: Industrial/EBM/electronic. Fun stuff with some good dance numbers. There are probably a couple of tunes on here you might recognize from clubs, especially the first track Realist. 7/10
  • Velvet Acid Christ - Lust For Blood - not so new. Genre: Industrial... More dark scary danceable stuff from VAC. Big dance tune here: Wound - very good. Pretty artwork. If you are into this band at all, especially more recent material, you will like this album. 7/10
  • Apoptygma Berzerk - You And Me Against The World - not so new. Genre: EBM/Futurepop. Lots of great dance tracks on this. Light, uplifting poppy stuff. 3 of my faves are: In This Together, You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (you might recognize these from the dance floor at clubs), and Tuning Into The Frequency Of Your Soul. 8/10
  • Distorted Circuitry w/DJ Morgana - the March 5, 2007 show. Morgana and a few other DJs post 2-hour shows at Much of the above-mentioned music I hear on Morgana's shows. You can listen to it streaming, or download it to your computer and listen to it when/where you will.

And, I'm eagerly awaiting (supposed to show up in the next couple of weeks) the new Zombie Girl album Blood, Brains & Rock'n Roll.

I used to go to the HMV on Yonge hear Dundas as it had a great Industrial/Goth section. But it shrank and they don't have as much now. But, no big loss as I found (through Distorted Circuitry) a local mail-order on-line store: Storming The Base. Low prices, great selection of industrial, ebm, goth, electronic... check out the site.

Till next time, happy listening/dancing...

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