Sunday 1 April 2007

The NDP In Quebec

While one blogger interprets what Jack Layton said and turns it into an April Fool's joke (by saying that Jack thinks that "Conservatives are actually Socialists"), another blogger reports on reality in Another Star Recruit.

1) What Jack meant was that if the ADQ breakthrough in Quebec in the provincial election means that the people of Quebec were dissatisfied with the usual 2 parties and chose another party, then there may be a chance for the NDP to breakthrough in Quebec federally - the NDP are "another" party in Quebec that has not been given a chance. If the people are dissatisfied with the Bloc and Liberals, they might vote NDP.

2) However, there is another point here. The ADQ are a right-wing party, as are the Conservatives. IF the people of Quebec were ALSO voting for the ADQ agenda, they very well might turn around and vote for the Conservatives in a federal election.

But, Quebec is generally a socialist province with values contrary to conservative agenda. So, I'm more inclined to agree with point 1 than point 2. I do agree with Accidental Deliberations in that even one Quebec seat in a general election would be a major breakthrough for the NDP.

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