Friday 13 April 2007

VNV Nation - Judgement - new album.

I just received the latest VNV Nation album - Judgement - in the mail yesterday.

Overall, it is a little mellower than Matter + Form. It has more slow songs with vocals. But, it still has some up-beat driving dance songs, particularly Momentum and Nemesis. And it has some really floaty, sparkley stuff.

At first I felt a little disappointed, since what I like the most about VNV is their up-tempo music. But, after a few listens on my Creative Zen Nano, the other material on this album began to grow on me.

Compared to other albums, I still like Empires the best, but I would rate Judgement on par with the 2002 Futureperfect album.

If you are fan of VNV at all, you will like this album. Listen to it in the dark (with candles and/or trip-lights on) with headphones and watch the lights come on in your mind.

I'm going to see them at the Docks in Toronto April 21st and I can't wait to dance to Momentum and Nemesis. And And One is opening! Their latest album Bodypop is very good too.

VNV Nation - Judgement
General Danceability: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

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