Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Angus Reid Puts the Spin On Democracy in Canada

Angus Reid is reporting that Canadians are satisfied with democracy but split on the system. But, if you look closely at the actual numbers for the electoral system question, you can see that they split the answer categories into 2 different types of proportional representation, so it would look like it is not as popular.

If you combine the PR and MMP (MMP is a form of PR), then you get

PR/MMP - 40%
Don't Know - 30%
Current FPTP system - 29%

Which clearly shows that of the people who have decided, 58% would prefer a form of proportional representation to the current electoral FPTP system.

So, it makes you wonder, why would Angus Reid or their client want to mislead the public on this?


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

How ignorant were the authors of this poll not to even know that MMP is a form of proportional representation? That's like having two categories on a poll about food be "meat" and "chicken."

Thor said...

Seems ignorant, but it was intentional. I was in the polling business for 13 years and I know this is a typical decision to separate these to give them the ability to put whatever spin they want on the meaning of the results.