Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dion and the Liberals Wimp Out - Tells Canadians to Bend Over for Stephen Harper

What Stephane Dion is really telling Canadians by abstaining - "Bend over for Harper, Canada!"

Today Stephane Dion and the Liberals decided to say yes to more bad governing by Harper and the Conservatives by deciding to abstain from voting on the Throne Speech.

By abstaining on this vote, I would say that is equivalent to walking off the job in this situation. We don't pay our representatives to sit idly by while the country needs them.

Canada is suffering under the Harper government and the Liberals decide to allow it to continue when they have the chance to end the suffering.

Will Liberal supporters go along with this, or, will they change their vote to another party next election? In my opinion, Dion has shown poor leadership with this move to support the Harper government - especially after the past year of pies that Harper has thrown in the faces of Canadians.

Canadians, in polls, may say they don't want another election, but they also don't want to see Canada ruined. It's time to kick the bums out and have a new election. With all the dirt that the Conservatives have piled up over the past year, how can they not be beaten in a new election?

The only national leader with any leadership ability here is Jack Layton. Keep at 'em Jack!


Anonymous said...

(a) Dion's problems are all media driven and I bet you he wins the next election.

(b) Who wants another freaking election really at this moment. The throne speech was crap, Harpers attempt to govern majority style with a minority. Not forcing an election calls his bluff.

Politics is played like poker.

Which is sad in and of itself i suppose.

Unknown said...

To the previous poster: you are kidding yourself.
(a)Dion's real problem is that people can inherently recognize traits in a leader and he does not embody those traits. Call it media induced all you want.
(b) Harper isn't TRYING to govern majority style with a minority... thanks to Dion he is governing as a majority in everything but name.