Thursday, 4 October 2007

You Tell'Em Howie!

Howard Hampton, leader of the Ontario Provincial NDP, took the mainstream media to task today for focusing on issues that are not at the top of peoples' minds.

Will we see the media start to report on the real issues? That would be nice. Let's see proper reporting and information on the Referendum and MMP. Let's see reporting on the environment, proper funding of schools, energy/electricity issues, child poverty, homelessness, seniors homes, and so on.

See James Laxer's

Why Howard Hampton and the NDP Deserve Your Support on Wednesday


susansmith said...

Good for Howie.

Anonymous said...

So, Howie calls Hamilton the "Child Poverty Capital of Canada" or something along those lines?

Howie should check his facts. I got $10 for the first person to name the city in Canada with the most cases of child poverty?

Tell your leader to stop slandering Hamilton. For a city that has rebounded economically over the last 10 years, getting stuck with the "poverty" label once again is blow. Howie just lost votes in Hamilton!

Anonymous said...

I agree Hampton has not recieved equal time, neither has De Jong, but his undignified whinning is not going to change it too much.

At least part of the blame has to be his, he's not been flashy, he misread the hot topic of the campaign and got burned siding with the Liberals on the status quo for school funding. It could even be construded as arrogant when he rants that his issues are more important than the issues the public is talking about(even if he's right about their importance)

He has also spent too much of the time on thrashing Dalton rather than defining himself.

Like a game of volley ball the quick easy volley over the net gives the control and attention to the other side. Hampton has volleyed all election and never set and spiked.

A third or forth party must define themselves since attacks won't necessarily drive the vote their way. Part of this failure is the presses lack of attention but part has been his campaign drabness.