Tuesday, 23 October 2007

You Tell 'Em Jack!

As I've been saying, the Liberals are not doing the job their constituents elected them to do, they aren't acting as the official opposition should, and by this they are giving the Conservatives a virtual majority government.

Jack Layton, as reported today in the Globe & Mail:
“It's going to be very symbolic to watch our members rise in the House — willing to put their jobs, their principles, their commitments on the line — and then to watch the official opposition sit it out.”


CuriosityCat said...

Layton seems to lack the instinct for the jugular which all really effective politicians have. Dion gave him the chance to turf the Tories out by tabling the Liberal amendments to the Tory Throne Speech. If Duceppe and Layton were serious about wishing to stop the Tory program, outlined in the Throne Speech, from becoming law, they could have voted for the Liberal amendments. This would have boxed Harper in, and Harper probably would have called an election.

So, if Dion blew it, then so did Layton and Duceppe. Pots calling kettles black, it seems to the Cat!

Thor said...

Layton and the NDP vote on principle. The amendment had elements that were against the NDP principles (the Liberals wrote the amendment like this on purpose). Dion and the Liberals have decided to not stick by their principles - they decided not to vote against the throne speech even though it goes against the Liberal principles.

Very unlike the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

thor - did you just wake up? Who's been propping up the tories on every vote until now?

Jack Layton and the NDP.

Principled indeed.

Thor said...

Ah, let's see. Mainly the Bloc and the Liberals. Do the math.

susansmith said...

liberals still think they rule on truth in politics. Funny about that, but now they don't rule, but they must continue to propagate lies, hoping that someone is listening.
To listen: in every confidence vote in the house, since the Harper conservatives have been in power, the NDP has voted against all confidence matters.
The propper uppers have been either the BLOC or Liberals.

Really sounding feeble, maybe you could try a 'new' spin.

kinch said...

Bring Back Bill Blaikie! : I don't know where you are getting your facts, but you are dead wrong. The NDP has voted against every single confidence motion brought into the House of Commons since Harper was elected. Harper has been relying on support from the Bloc or The Liberals, not the NDP.

But I guess if you keep on telling yourself a lie, it may sound like the truth.