Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Why Should Liberals Vote for MMP?

Read the post at democraticSPACE.
Great post. But, of note is the comment by Dean Sherratt:

I agree because at this moment the “other parties” would lean left…NDP and Green. What right wing parties would the Conservatives add to their vote total? Hence, the PCs would need near to a majority to form a government, while the Liberals could sink to 30% or less and still form a coalition-style government.

Well, I wouldn't call the Green Party a Left party anymore (as some of their fiscal policies lean more Right than the Conservatives), you get the idea - the NDP policies are no where near in similarity to the Conservative policies, while they are more similar to the Liberal policies. So, a Liberal minority government would most likely form a coalition with the NDP in an MMP situation. This would be the most likely form of the government for some time under MMP.

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Anonymous said...

Another good reason for the Liberals to favour MMP is to avoid the kind of entitlement that sets in with continuous majority governments. Look at the state of the federal Liberal party--divided with no new ideas, and it's a direct result of the free ride the party had for so long. Long stints of majority government breed laziness, entitlement and corruption. The Harris and Mulroney governments are another good example of this.

Sure McGuinty's going to get a fat majority this time...but what state do oyu think the party will be in come 2011? Or sooner even?