Monday, 1 December 2008

The Choice of Dion for Leader of the Coalition Government

Some may say that choosing Dion to lead the coalition is a bad idea.

I'll admit that I don't think much of Dion's leadership skills considering how he did with the Liberals in the past as their leader, and leading up to the election. But, this coalition government will be altogether different. I think the fact that the Liberals and NDP, and the Bloc for that matter, will have to work closely together to make things work (and they have agreed to do this now) will change things for Dion in such a way that he will be taking more direction from the new cabinet and less from close personal advisers.

Also, for the Liberals to chose Dion to lead the coalition instead of one of the 3 leadership candidates is probably a smart move. Think about it. What if the coalition fails? If so, then the failure will seem connected more to Dion and less to the 3 leadership candidates in the Liberal party. Dion is on his way out as leader and has nothing to lose here. And, if the coalitions works, then this looks good on all involved in the coalition.

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