Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Write a letter to the editor in support of the opposition forming a coalition government

This was sent to me today from the NDP. I used it to quickly write a letter to the editors of 3 major newspapers in support of the coalition government formed by the opposition parties. You can too!

you tired of seeing Tory complaints about a coalition being
undemocratic in all the papers, on all the radio shows?? Its because
their website allows their activists to post letters to the editors,
and radio shows through their website...

Lets use it against
them!! Use the below link to write with your SUPPORT of an NDP-Liberal
coalition. Lets use their own website to flood the waves with the



Anonymous said...

This is interesting. The only thing I would be wary of though is that this is also a tool for harvesting personal data for the Conservative Party. Cannot the NDP provide its own 'my campaign' page?

Thor said...

Yes, that would be great if the NDP set up a page like this too.