Thursday, 4 December 2008

"Confidence isn't going to be restored by seven weeks of propaganda" | Canada | Parliament shut for 7 weeks
The Governor General has decided to prorogue parliament until Jan 26, 2009.
In this time, Stephen Harper has said he will ask the opposition parties for input toward economic issues. The Conservative aim is to put together a budget for the end of January. However, considering their record, it is hard to believe that whatever they come up with won't be full of things that will be bad for Canadians and that the opposition parties cannot stomach.

Canada needs an economic boost NOW, not 7 weeks from now. This delay is going to make Canada seem even more unstable in the eyes of the world and will hurt our economy.

We can also be sure to see Harper's Conservatives spend our tax dollars lying to us in ads and statements over the next 7 weeks. Their propaganda machine will be in full force.

The Governor General has locked the doors of parliament and the doors of democracy in Canada. This is indeed a sad day for parliamentary democracy.

I urge you all to keep up the fight for democracy and truth in Canada. Keep up the letter writing campaign. Maybe if enough people protest to the Governor General, she will re-open parliament and let us get on with democracy and the urgent needs of this great country.


Skinny Dipper said...

If the Harper regime stays intact after January, I'll have to move to Quebec and become a separatist/sovereigntist.

ng2000 said...

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