Thursday, 4 December 2008

Jack Layton's response to Stephen Harper's speach - Video

"... Stephen Harper has broken his trust with the Canadian people, and
because of that he’s lost the confidence of Parliament. He seems to be
more interested in his job than in protecting your job. Now that’s
simply wrong.
Stephen Harper’s job was to ensure that Parliament would work, but
he refused to do that. By locking the door behind me he is rejecting
the democratic choice of 62% of Canadians - your choice - and every
Member of Parliament will see his right, his democratic right to
express his confidence in the government refused.

Every Member of Parliament will be denied their vote. Every Canadian
will be silenced because this House will not be permitted to speak . We
will have a Conservative government without legitimacy at the time of
an economic crisis. That doesn’t have to happen because this is a
remarkable moment in Canadian history. The opposition parties acted
together, with a common goal, to give hope back to Canadians and help
them to come through these difficult economic times. For the first
time, the majority of the parties chosen by the people set aside their
differences for the welfare of everyone.

The majority of Members of Parliament - the people’s representatives
- have set aside their differences for the good of Canada, and for the
good of every Canadian. This is a time of hope. Tonight, only one party
stands against the welfare of the Canadian people. On Monday, two
leaders of the proposed coalition sent Her Excellency, the Governor
General, a letter making it crystal clear that the majority of Members
of Parliament no longer have confidence in this Conservative
government. Nothing we have heard tonight changes this fact. Tonight,
Mr. Harper had an opportunity to chart a new course - to accept some of
the ideas we have been putting before him. But he did not. And tonight
we are announcing that if it pleases Her Excellency, we will arrange
that every New Democratic Member of Parliament will indicate
individually and together - formally - a lack of confidence in this

A new government is possible, and ready to serve. A new kind of
government with a new kind of politics is ready to serve. One that will
put the economy and working families first. Thank you very much."

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Marissa said...

He really is adopting the language of Obama's campaign, isn't he? I wish we could take the "Yes We Can" slogan and use it without appearing to be lame wannabes. Because that type of positivity is what's needed to hold the coalition together during this time.