Monday, 1 December 2008

Dion will lead the Liberal-NDP coalition.

Dion tapped to lead Liberal-NDP coalition

Liberal caucus members agreed unanimously on Monday that Stéphane Dion
will stay on to lead a Liberal-NDP coalition, following reports that
the two parties reached a tentative agreement to replace the minority
Conservative government.


redlion said...

A formal coalition will compromise our party's independence. Better we should go for a Lewis - Trudeau style accord, accepting n cabinet posts, not binding ourselves to Cabinet secrecy and solidarity, and preserving ourselves to run all out against all the bastiches at the next general election.

B. Ross Ashley

Avadra_Rian said...

A lame duck PM (Dion), that NO ONE voted for, now leading the most corrupt, arrogant party in Canada's history, teaming up with that smarmy fence sitter, Layton of the NDP and bolstered by a Separatist money-grubber/pimp for La Belle Province...welcome to the newest Banana Republic in North America! Eighteen months will go by pretty fast and then these political bozos will pay for their blatant self-interest!

Thor said...

Avadra - Lame duck - Dion? - maybe.
You called him PM - he never has been PM yet.
- Liberals as the most corrupt? - well, with all the corruption that the Conservatives have shown in the past few years, I beg to differ.
- Smarmy fence sitter Layton? Jack Layton sits on no fences. He has always stood up for what is right for Canadians. Meanwhile Harper has only stood up for what is right for him and his corporate friends.
- And the Bloc, although they mainly stand up for what is best for Quebec, at least know right from wrong.
- No one can play up the blatant self-interest card like Harper, so I think you will be disappointed on this one.