Friday 19 December 2008

We could have a $20 billion surplus | Canada | Harper says deficit could hit $30 billion

Hey Stephen.
How about you roll back the $50 billion in tax cuts to corporations? We already have one of the lowest taxes for corporations in all the industrialized nations. And, it has been proven time and time again that the trickle-down effect down not exist/work. So cutting back these tax cuts would a) not change any of the corporations' practises, and b) not affect the economy one way or the other (except to make more money available for services and stimulating infrastructure spending), and c) it would actually boost jobs by increasing the money for services and infrastructure spending.

Lets take that $20 billion surplus and invest it in Canada - not in foreign-owned corporations who will just pocket the money and invest it outside of Canada.


susansmith said...

No kidding, but the libs appear to love giving 50 billion away to the few who don't need it, and incidently, speak out (lots) and vote for more of the same - which now is bringing us into a 21st century. Oh, and we get to give money on one hand, and pay out later in another.
Just say "no."

EvilIncoherent said...

These companies have already made plans for that 50 billion. If the government pulls it back, you think it's going to be the CEO's that take the wage cut?

Thor said...

Hmmm. And who is in a better position to make adjustments - the rich corporations who don't have the $50 yet, or the deficit-facing government who has not yet collected the $50 billion?
The corporations are the ones who can more easily make adjustments to their plans. And no, this won't result in a loss of jobs or companies closing any different than if they didn't get the $50 billion.

pg said...

We could boost the surplus you've identified by several billion more if we got our military out of Afghanistan.