Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ford Watch: Nov 2, 2010

Oct. 26, 2010 - Rob Ford schedules his first interview as mayor-elect. Things don't go so well as he has scheduled the interview (with CBC radio) at the same time as he is coaching a football game. He kept up a couple of talking points, ignored the interviewer and spent most of the time talking to people at the game. Eventually he cut the interview short without answering any questions.

Nov. 2, 2010 - as revealed in the Toronto Sun - for one who claims to be watching pennies at City Hall, Ford went over budget on his campaign by $650,000.

Is this a sign of things to come under Ford's watch as mayor of Toronto - poor time and fiscal management?

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Kirbycairo said...

Maybe it is a sign of things to come but let us not forget that this is a city that elected Lastman more than once.