Friday, 26 November 2010

Unidentifiable police can't be charged for G20 police crimes

Cops accused by G20 protesters cleared of excessive force allegations
The police who committed the crime of excessive force have been cleared of any wrongdoing because they weren't wearing their nametags, other police witnesses refused to testify, and civilian videos were shot from too far away to make out individual officers.

I've seen a lot of videos and some of the shots of police bludgeoning and kicking people were pretty close up. I wonder if civilian witnesses were asked to pick police out of a line up or to testify - probably not.

I say let's fire all the cops who decided to evade the law, abuse our trust, and assault peaceful protesters. Fire all the ones who were not wearing their nametags/numbers. That is the responsible thing to do here. And while they're at it, fire the thugs who gave the orders to beat and illegally arrest peaceful protesters and bystanders.

Toronto Sun: Our Cops and the Cone of Silence
All the SIU did this week was confirm the law does not apply the same way to those in uniform and the code of silence is not reserved just for the thugs.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the acronym SIU included the word "investigative". Why the hell don't they investigate, then? From the press release, it looks like they spent all of two minutes deciding that identifying the abusers would be "hard" and dropped the complaints.

Fuck the police.

If the abusers can't be punished because they game the system, there need to be resignations from the people who run the system. Not just Bill Blair, but also the people who are responsible for SIU's repeated failures.