Thursday, 11 November 2010

Why people voted for Rob Ford's transit vision

YouTube - Why people voted for Rob Ford's transit vision
Watch this. It is so dead on it is scary.

During the election campaign, Joe Pantalone fully suported Transit City. This transit strategy is already planned and budgeted for. It would connect much of the suburban areas of Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough) with the rest of the city and downtown via rapid transit.

Rob Ford, on the other hand, campaigned to not only cancel Transit City (and the cancellation would incur very expensive penalties), but to remove streetcars too. Streetcars are much more energy efficient than buses and can transport more passengers more quickly from A to B than buses. If the streetcars are removed, they would have to be replaced by far more buses - resulting in much higher costs, slower transportation for passengers, and much greater pollution. And, regarding all those Transit City rapid transit routes connecting much of the suburban areas of Toronto. These would be replaced by nothing. No rapid transit routes built to connect to the suburbs, where most of the Rob Ford voters live. He plans on spending all the transit money (leftover from replacing streetcars with buses) on another little piece of subway line.

So, the suburban dwelling Rob Ford voters, voted against having new rapid transit routes connecting them to downtown and the rest of the city. They seem to not want these routes and these connections. But yet, they do want them and they do need them. They voted for someone who blatantly said he would, in terms of transit, not only do nothing for them, but would cancel current plans of bringing them better transit service.

I ask you, does this make sense?
Watch the video.

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