Thursday, 4 November 2010

Where's the Gravy Train Now, Rob?

Toronto posts $275 million surplus -
Mihevc credited the windfall to Miller’s restraint program.

“One thing it shows is that the fiscal management of the Miller administration has been good,” he said.

“Despite the many comments during the election about how city hall
is being mismanaged, we did have a hiring freeze in place and we
directed department heads to manage in a tight way. This shows that city
hall is operating efficiently and effectively.”
- unlike what Rob Ford keeps saying - liar.


Kirbycairo said...

But this is the right-wing strategy - just keep saying something over and over and then people assume it is true no matter how farfetched the proposition might be. Israel is a perfect example - they just keep telling us that Israel is a victim and eventually people believe it. Unfortunately, the universe is plagued by entropy and the negative story is always easier to promote than the positive one. And it simply works to just keep spewing bile as contemporary right-winger from Karl Rove to Stephen Harper have demonstrated. But given the sound-byte nature of modern media I don't think you can fight this with reason. You need to frame the right with the same strategy - keep calling Harper a dictator in news conferences etc until it seeps into people's consciousness. It is the only way to fight them.

Thor said...

Yes. It's just too bad that the media kept repeating his lies and not the truth. The mainstream media plays along with the sound-bytes and all the people who don't have time to read between the lines fall for what the media says.