Wednesday 10 November 2010

Quebec democratic rights group spearheads court case arguing for Proportional Representation

Court has granted Elizabeth May the right to make case for Proportional Representation | Green Party of Canada

Multiple public commissions have examined and debated changes to the
voting system and each time recommended a proportional voting system. 
No referendum has yet been held on this question in Quebec though draft
legislation was tabled that would have seen elements of proportional
representation introduced.  Referenda in other provinces were widely
criticized for confusing the public with misinformation campaigns, lack
of effective and clear information, too high thresholds to pass and low
participation rates. 

In February of this year, an Environics Research poll conducted for
the Council of Canadians found that 62% of Canadians support "moving
towards a system of proportional representation (PR) in Canadian
elections, with support even higher among young Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

Good for EM! I hope this spreads across the country. Currently I won't vote again without some form of PR. It's obvious spin/wash/repeat keeps US out of the democratic process and without choices of what could be great leaders. That's the intent of course.