Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Behind the scenes of Ford's demolition team

Breakdown of an Executive Committee Breakdown - Torontoist
But I don’t think I have seen a less curious, less thoughtful, or less
intellectually rigorous group
outside of a church. No one cared about
input from those who took the time to attend the meeting and express
their views. This administration seems to believe that the "people"
spoke last October 25, and all this is now just an annoying distraction
from the work that has to be done. They couldn’t even muster the
pretense of listening. Twice, as the meeting wound down, they had to
stop after it was pointed out there wasn’t a quorum—seven committee
members—present. During a discussion about how they were going to
proceed with their core service review! The nuts and bolts of governing.

This executive committee is the ugly manifestation of Ford Nation. Like a
jilted lover, it has seized control, determined to prove its worth. It
brooks no dissent and counters any disagreement or outside opinion with
vitriol and contempt. Retribution, not reconciliation, is its agenda.
This is the heart of an administration that has more interest in getting
even than it does in governing.

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