Monday, 21 March 2011

Harper's Legacy - Only Canadian government ever found in contempt of Parliament

Committee finds Harper government in contempt -
Read the news.
If you are surprised or if you still think that the Harper government is worthy of your vote - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?
It's long past time for an election. Bring it on.

CBC: MP's report finds government in contempt

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Anonymous said...

Mulroney should take note that Harper has done something big now.

I suspect that Harper also holds the record of being ruled for breaking the privileges of the House TWICE in one day by the Speaker. Pretty sure this has not happened to any of the 13 minority governments since Confederation.

Isn't that profound -- holding the legacy above as well as the legacy of being the only government in the Commonwealth countries practising the Westminster system to be cited for contempt of Parliament?

Harper's name is going to be quoted by future Parliamentarians around the world when they have to wrestle with this issue. Unfortunately, Harper's name, and the Government of Canada,will be quoted for the wrong reasons. LOL.